Xmas05 here in less than 3 months!

Well, don't get me wrong, we Christmas lovers still have plenty of time to get everything just perfect this year again. o<:)

I think the first thing that I start preparing is the gifts - it's soo hard to get them right. The only way is really to start looking early. And write down all the ideas you come up with and keep them somewhere secret. Keep in mind that ordering from the internet can take some time, especially if you've bought something overseas. Better to do it early than too late.

Take a look at the "Gift Ideas"-post from last year for some more inspiration. And remember, although making gifts yourself can take quite some time, it's always appricied! I found some nice inspiration here for homemade gifts, at "Grandma George's homepage". Click on "Gifts to make."
Hope to see lots of y'all here in the coming months! Hugs,

PS. Yay! Jill Johnsson is finally releasing a Christmas album this year!

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Linster said...

This is just hilarious! Beautiful blog, really! From now on I will come here everytime I'm feeling down. And I will definitely link you from my blog. Lots o' love!