Those last, most difficult people to buy presents for

I don´t know about you, but right now I´m getting to that stage where I have bought all presents to those that are easy to buy for, and only have the "difficult" recievers left. You know, that kind of person who has everything, buys everything she/he needs or simply doesn´t need anything more...

A good idea is to get a basket or a box and fill it with different kinds of food that the person likes- chocolates, delicacies, regional specialities. Or, you can get basket with a certain theme such as:

  • A Gardening basket with bags of seeds, gardening tools, gardening gloves and maybe a book about gardening.
  • The Ultimate Car-kit: A flashlight, blanket, map, notebook and pen, a recorded cassette, emergency kit and other useful things you can think of.
  • Luxury-basket; chocolates, grapes and paperback novels. Pink furry slippers if the person has a sense of humor.
  • A Spa bucket; fill it with oils, bath fizzies, brushes and lotions to create a spa-at-home.
  • A Tea mug filled with teas, tea balls or maybe a coffee cup with freshly grounded coffee and some trendy sugar like muscavado.
  • For the knitter- a pattern (can be downloaded online for free or for a limited cost) with the yarn and needles needed.
  • A music-box with CDs from the recievers favorite artist/music period with biographies or books about it, maybe some notes?
  • A basket with the persons favorite spirits and a little booklet about it, maybe something that´s appropriate to eat with it.
  • De-stress collection with relaxing CD, relaxing tea, a relaxing aromatherapy candle or bath oil, a promise of a neck massage?

More ideas can be found here!


FANCY said...

Hey! You do have a lot of good ideers.


Jenny said...

ah. vad lustigt!
Jag sitter här med julklappspanik och som en sista utväg googlade jag på "ideas for christmans presents" och hamnade här. Tack så mycket för tipsen och god jul!